Coaching and Outplacement Coaching


In executive searches, the coaching of candidates is part of our after placement service. We also offer coaching independently from executive searches. Every manager coaches his/her team members. Due to different priorities, managers do not always put the right emphasis on internal coaching. As a result, the efficiency of the working relationships and working results diminish. Coaching is a method to improve the working efficiency of managers.

Our coaching is one-on-one work with a manager. At the beginning, we define the purpose of the coaching and the desired achievements. Coaching does not last forever. It has a clearly defined time period. We ask hard questions and challenge the individual regularly to refocus his or her perspective and improve performance.

Since 2008, Outplacement Coaching has become more and more important. We support, coach and train senior professionals, who’s roles have been impacted by restructuring, in their search for new employment opportunities. Individual clients participating in an individual Outplacement Coaching Program learn how to cope with this particular situation, conduct a clear situation analysis, and develop individual strategies for sourcing and securing new career opportunities. During the planned outplacement period we provide ongoing advice, feedback and coaching. Our mission statement for Outplacement Coaching is: ‘We give practical advice to professional people’.!DOCTYPE%