'It is not easy to find good managers for our plants in Mezőkövesd and Miskolc. Paul Binder and his team literally turned every stone between Budapest and Nyíregyháza until they found the right persons for us.'

Tibor Péhl
Vice Pesident Operations, Remy Automotive Europe


'I could talk to Paul Binder like I was speaking with another banker. Afterwards, I let him do his work. People that he and his team found years ago for us made a great career at our bank in Hungary and Slovakia.'

Klaus Mattes
Head of Product Management, Erste Bank

Professional Service Providers

'Finding Hungarian managers for the German Desk of a global organization with a strong Anglo-Saxon culture is a challenge. However, working closely together with Paul Binder, with his strong multicultural understanding and knowledge of the placement market, brought us excellent results in our searches for the right persons.'

Armin Krug
Partner and Head of German Desk
PricewaterhouseCoopers, Hungary