Success Boosters

Success Boosters

Being recognized as trusted advisor for business success oriented executive search solutions is our vision. Here are two examples of special success boosters. Searches such as these are conducted in the highest level of confidence.

Executive Search as M&A Alternative

Why buy a company when you could instead consider hiring the key people or the entire team from your take-over target?

We approach the real leader of your potential take-over target. There are 3 relevant questions to be answered:

  • Level of interest in changing
  • Ability to move a significant portion of the business to our client
  • Influence on key people to change together with him/her

Hiring Market Shares

You would like to win more business from your competition. Some professionals, such as senior lawyers in international law firms or senior advisors in Private Wealth Management, generate a significant business for their employer. They have developed a unique client portfolio over the years. You can immediately boost your market share by hiring such a unique professional. We have the market knowledge and the professional expertise to support you in such a complex process.